SweDeck is one of the most economical flooring systems available, providing free span up to 18 meters.

Swedeck shuttering and reinforcement system for insitu concrete flooring

It is simple to adjust to a variety of floor layouts and results in a light weight ribbed slab construction. These product advantages have been utilised in different types of buildings such as hospitals, supermarkets, offices, banks, industrial and car parks.

Insitu cast quality
Swedeck system provides the high quality of in-situ concrete combined with flexibility. The construction depth is minimised by integrating primary beams within the system. Swedeck offers high demands of fire resistance and the sound insulation is better than other conventional systems with comparable weight.

Flexibility in design reduces construction time
In a project with Swedeck, design and construction can follow closely. This results in the time between design and construction being equal to precast concrete and amendments to detailing can be accomplished late in the building program.

Best economy at wide ranges
Cost comparisons for different concrete floor joists show that Swedeck rib joists have the lowest section cost at larger span widths.

Simplified installation
Installations for services are easily located in the troughs, between ribs, and it is simple to make holes for ducting and electricity supply. This provides flexibility for future change of use.

Engineering service
The delivery includes formwork drawings and specification of material for the shuttering system. On request, we can also supply with design calculations and detailing reinforcement drawings for the slab construction. If desired, our instructor will be at your service when the work with Swedeck begins.

Permanent lining or ceiling
The shuttering is frequently used as finished lining. Ceilings for sound insulation purposes can be added if required.

Limited construction time?

If the construction schedule is limited it is valuable to have as much time as possible available for planning and construction. Swedeck shuttering system allows you to start building before the design is finalised.