The shuttering is precranked by a patented method which provides extreme rigidity. The cover length is 1000 mm and the finish is galvanized.

End cover Plate

The end cover plate forms a mould side for the primary beams and is prestiffened to resist pressure from concrete.

Reinforcement beam

The reinforcement beam consist of bars and shear reinforcement. The reinforcement is welded to a rigid profiled bottom tray. The bar at the top also works as a spacer for the floor slab mesh. Bottom tray without reinforcement can be supplied on request.

Technical data

Design: In accordance with building regulations.
Span: 7-18 meter
Depth: 160-1000 mm
Width: 600-1500 mm, Normalt:1200 mm.
Propping: Max 1200 mm


Shuttering: Galvanized steel Z350
End cover plate: Galvanized steel Z350
Bottom tray: Galvanized steel Z350
Reinforcement: Svensk Standard.
Fire resistance: Standard = R60, R90 and R120 can be achieved depending on detailing.

Limited construction time?

If the construction schedule is limited it is valuable to have as much time as possible available for planning and construction. Swedeck shuttering system allows you to start building before the design is finalised.