The installation is simple and the components are easy to handle. The progressive installation of the shuttering system will form a safe platform for work to proceed.

The installation time for the complete system, including installation and dismantling of temporary propping, is 0.2-0.3 man hours/m²

The installation starts with installation of temporary propping (towers for high levels) to support the permanent shuttering and formwork for primary reinforced concrete beams.

Steg 1

Reinforcement for “ribs” are laid out to the predetermined spacing and then fixed.

Steg 2

The shuttering moulds are laid out and fits into the groove of the bottom tray. One corrugation overlap of the shuttering provides a good seal against leakage.

Steg 3

End cover plates are installad to each end of the flooring.

Steg 4

The reinforcement mesh is laid out. The reinforcement beams automatically support the floor mesh in the center of the flange. For continuous span additional reinforcement is provided over primary support.

Limited construction time?

If the construction schedule is limited it is valuable to have as much time as possible available for planning and construction. Swedeck shuttering system allows you to start building before the design is finalised.